12 thoughts on “Queen’s iconic music & live performances will rock you on their new SiriusXM channel

    1. Hi there Sophie! You are so right! And how nice it is, now that Freddie is deceased, other contributing Queen members can enjoy extra royalties for their song writings. Your feedback is awesome! Hope that you have had a good week! 🍂💐🍂

    1. Hi Sophie! I don’t remember any songs written by Brian. Every Queen song that I love was written by Freddie. I have always loved Freddie’s voice because it carried a “Loud”, grandeur stage presence. Thanks kindly for your feedback!🍃🍂💕☕️☕️

    1. I have a lot of memories set In this one too. I just love the stage-performance sound. One of a kind was Queen! Thanks Sophie for dropping in and commenting! Cheers to your great cooking and to your day!

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