Unique Pool Party Ideas! STAY SAFE – AT HOME


Sure we have come upon some challenging times (the confines from Corona Virus) but there is ‘no place like home’.

Staying within the safety and comforts of home for Summer festivities can be the start of many full-proof and adventurous, fun ideas.

Whether it is morning, mid day or evening, in our homes, we can entertain using an array of creative comforts which include food, beverages, music, movies and games.

Home is where the imagination sleeps, and wakes up each day, to a fresh new start. Best wishes to all of you this Summer season. We sincerely hope that our share today will inspire your party plannings and social mixers. Enjoy! AmericaOnCoffee!



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76 thoughts on “Unique Pool Party Ideas! STAY SAFE – AT HOME

    1. Hi Suzannesmom! Things are pretty weird. Missing buttons will be looked into. Thank you for dropping by. Things have changed drastically over the last several months with COVID 19 and mask wearing. 2020 is nearly gone. Well wishes for you and your family!🍂🌺💐🍂

  1. I never thought I would ever say this, but all that food being prepared has made me miss my office happy hours. This pandemic is changing slowly changing us – I don’t like socializing, but now I miss it. I hope you had a great weekend…

    1. Thank you very much for your well wishes. I know the feeling Zambian Lady. There will be more shared ways as to how we can best socialize safely. Thank you for your visit. Keep smart and well.🍂☕️

    1. Hi there Lashaan! It is definitely taking us back to our roots iof dependencies, but we still have a long way to go! Have a great rest of the week!☕️☕️💗

    1. Haha haha! Hi Kirt, hope you are recovering well. How nice it is to hear from you. You may not have oool but you have an imagination. Pools and jacuzzis are so portable today and big screenTVs are at hands reach. Thanks for being inspired. Take care!👌❤️

    2. Good news! Thanks kindly, safe and well is consistent here so far. Continue on your healing course and have a fabulous, fresh week ahead!💕☕️☕️💕

    1. Hi Choco. Thank you for your visit and most appreciative feedback. Hope you and your family are safe and well. Have a beautiful and amazing week! 🌺💕🌺👌

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