Chicago “Saturday in the Park”

23 thoughts on “Chicago “Saturday in the Park”

    1. I am not aware of them. I haven’t been to NY in years. But was in the park during the night hours.. Chicago’ s bullets should freeze resulting in no action.

    2. NY has been reported as a ghost town since COVID19. Plus gang activity is suppose to be on a decline to nearly zero. 🤔. I do not watch or listen to the bad or fake news.

    1. Perfect is the song and timing, and it inspired my July 4th, DC! Chicago has a big fan base here at AOC! Bummer you had to work on the 4th! Hope that you celebrated later! Have an awesome new week!🇺🇸👌

    1. I love all of Chicago’s songs. I love their signature style. However, it is Blood, Sweat and Tears that sing Spinning Wheel. I love them too. Cheers to your having s blessed week! 🌺💕🌺

    1. Indeed! Thank God for internet to keep up with loved ones. And I hope yours was too. Here’s to a great week my friend! 💚☕️💋❣️🤗

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