Chicago “Saturday in the Park”

23 thoughts on “Chicago “Saturday in the Park”

          1. I am not aware of them. I haven’t been to NY in years. But was in the park during the night hours.. Chicago’ s bullets should freeze resulting in no action.

          2. There were 21 shootings and 37 victims in NYC yesterday. That happenes every weekend in Chicago. Yeah, you would think the bullets would freeze.

          3. NY has been reported as a ghost town since COVID19. Plus gang activity is suppose to be on a decline to nearly zero. 🤔. I do not watch or listen to the bad or fake news.

    1. Perfect is the song and timing, and it inspired my July 4th, DC! Chicago has a big fan base here at AOC! Bummer you had to work on the 4th! Hope that you celebrated later! Have an awesome new week!🇺🇸👌

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