The Beatles: “REVOLUTION”

31 thoughts on “The Beatles: “REVOLUTION”

      1. From what I understand, man has actually 7 kinds of intelligences and music being one actually indicates that music is healthy especially too because music is found in ever culture. But in all honesty, music can be unhealthy if it is applied wrongly. The Beatles song, Revolution is somehow spiritually influenced and always resonates with the resurfacing of social challenges. I would call this pretty strange.🤔

      2. Wov! Yes 34 Istanbul coder,
        I didnt understand same coder I learn at the moment ,thank you detailed me inform

      3. Yes our codes are only by city. And each city has a series of unique numbers. Coding is a the result of the USA population growth. Amazing that you are do familiar with all types of American music: Rock, Soul., RnB… The USA is really popular💫

      4. Than you for stopping by AmericaOnCoffee for a chat. If you ever want to share Turkish coffee and food secrets, here is the place.

      5. Definitely! Many of my friends have stated that Turkish music is the best and so is Turkish coffee. For me Turkish coffees are super strong. ❤️. Look forward to sharing with you educater! Cheers!

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