My Sweet Lord

23 thoughts on “My Sweet Lord

    1. It’s such a touching song for many of us. I love that My Sweet Lord is a song that is an invite to all. That you Joni for your appreciative feedback! Every time Monday comes, it’s Monday again (the weeks are just a flash). Hope that your day was restful and this next week is a full of more beautiful blessings for you and your family! )))❤️(((

    2. Oh thank you so much. It is always my pleasure to read your site. I love all your posts. I know what you mean about the weeks flying by, it totally feels like that to me as well. Thank you for your well wishes, and sending some right back at you. By the way you are so right about that wonderful song, “My Sweet Lord” it is a great piece of music and lyrics. Blessings to you too my friend for an amazing week ahead. Love and hugs Joni

    3. Your shares are truly uplifting and will be an uplift to soOOO many others! Thank you for your kind word, too Joni. I am loving every moment of shared thoughts!💕☕️🥰☕️

    1. Thank you Janet for stopping over our shares of coffee and tea! If ever s spiritual journey vibrating in son, surely “My Sweet Lord” does it. So glad that you enjoyed!! May a palette of spiritual splendor lift your day and week into higher inspirations! ☕️💕🌺💕☕️💫💫

    2. I love that you have tuned into Harrison’s unforgettable sweetness. It is spiritual magic of perfect timing. Cheers to your week ending to a relaxing weekend! Many endeared thank you’s Janet for this virtual coffee moment!💗🌸💗

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