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13 thoughts on “Early Morning Crazy Breakfast | People

  1. I am hungry just looking at these amazingly skillful vendors preparing street food. Making donuts with just one hand -awesomeness. Loved all the vehicle horns and street sounds. Great video. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Suzette for stopping by for breakfast and for taking the time to explore and experience. I agree with you! How amusing! Mornings surrounded by street busyness and the making of breakfast, I also find exciting and adventuresome! What a morning hang out! ☕️☕️🥞🥞 Enjoy your new week, your mornings with breakfasts while keeping safe..🌺💕💕🌺.

        1. Your writings truly inspire me Suzette. Your every written thought is like a breath of fresh air!💕🌺💕☕️☕️

          1. No doubt dear friend, it will be amazing. I know that your title and images will be an add to your treasures! 🌺☕️🌺☕️

          2. I am sure Suzette that many others of your followers have shared the same with you. From my point of view. You live literature and have always excelled in school and you’ve kept busy nurturing your skills. Actually I thought you were an author already. 👍❤️👍

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