Domestic Violence, A Shared Story of Challenge



The following is one story about spousal abuse. It is written as a fictional reality to give our readers, who may be victims, themselves, an objective point-of-view.

There’s A Problem With My Husband Stan!

Stan and I have been married for 19 years. And we have two beautiful twin teenage children, a boy and a girl, Reed and Reece. Both are good students and will be graduating in one year. Their graduating and going off to college will leave me alone and vulnerable to the temper tantrums of my husband Stan.

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I work a nine to five job while mothering my two children, cooking cleaning and caring for my husband. Does he ever hit me? No, but he really flies off the handle. For instance: I overslept a couple of mornings leaving Stan without coffee and breakfast. Stan screamed, yelled, threw things all around and breaking them. Our neighbors were disturbed and called the police. Here is another occasion: due to an emetgency meeting at my job, I was late coming home to prepare Stan’s dinner. As a result, Stan deliberately caused the stove and refrigerator to be inoperable. It cost us a good sum of money to have both the stove and the refrigrrator repaired.

So… you all are wondering – “Why don’t you leave that mad man”? My response: I just may do that, AND SOON!

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99 thoughts on “Domestic Violence, A Shared Story of Challenge

    1. I have to get my head on right. We were passing the image around, magnifying it…. πŸ‘ŒI am happy that it is a mustard seed upon an index finger! I certainly look forward to reading and learning more about your blog and blog shares! β˜•οΈπŸ‚

      1. I am in forever in your debt for pointing it out… I think it is changed.
        The blog thing, it’s just therapy to drag the poison out, but interacting with others is definitely an added bonus.

      2. There are lots of poisons in our world and they are unimaginable. Links to agencies and other resources , we encourage everyone to list on stories about abusive situations. We all must do so consistently through prayer and in the most interesting ways. I call it a β€œCry out”! There are so many real stories to share but privacy is key. We would love to share some of your posts, if you would be willing… best regards!πŸŒΊπŸƒ

  1. I don’t really understand what this is suppose to be… but whatever it is…. there are enough real stories, there are more than enough woman who carry real scars that I do not believe your essay is helpful. But thank you for trying.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading. The initial story is not a story that is real but a β€œshared” fiction that prompts real stories and answers to abuses by way of feedback and comments. I believe the sharer did a wonderful job and touched on many abusive, life circumstances. Well wishes to you Jennymckinny!

      1. I think that you’re trying to do a good thing by spreading awareness. I also believe that speaking about it as one would speak about the weather is a disservice to the wounded. The terror and trauma that happens in homes across the world is akin to war. And until we start treating it like the crime against humanity that it is, it will not get better.

      2. Even though the share is written as fictional, we cannot escape the realities that are within its contexts. It us definitely a crime! And abused often start of mild, a touch and go threat as in this share. It saddens my heart about how widespread the occurrences are. Abuse is a very, extremely serious matter! One good thing is that our share has prompted many helpful links for those who are being abused. You are right, domestic abuse is akin to war. At this time, Satan is extremely busy on the front of all evil and chaos in the world. πŸ˜”

      3. AOC believes you too are trying to do a good thing but what does a woman’s bear breast and nipple on your site have to do with domestic abuse? πŸ€”

      4. Thanks kindly for the resolve, jennymckinny. Well wishes for your having a blessed week!πŸ’πŸƒ

      5. Please tell me where that is on my site so I can find it and figure out how to remove it.

      6. I know I’m ignorant when it comes to technology, but the only thing that I see that could be close to what you’re seeing is the photo of a finger tip holding a mustard seed. However, I will keep pursuing it because that would absolutely be inappropriate. Sorry for any offense and thank you for letting me know.

      7. Mine too. It causes all kinds of problems. Like this whole awkward conversation we have had.

  2. We say they will change and this is possibly just a phase but I don’t believe in that at all! Once a woman sees this type of behaviour, she needs to picture of her husband threw an object at her. What if he did and the object gave her an injury? Everyone has anger sometimes but a wise person knows how to control this.

    Some men think they can have control over the household with abusive acts like this. They think they can place fear in their wives so that the wife can obey them. Even if it causes more aggravation, it is sometimes good to stand up and firmly tell them that if this happens one more time then you will leave. If he does it again then honestly, the best thing to do is leave and this will teach him a lesson. He will not have a personal cook or personal cleaner anymore and will learn the hard way! He will surely come back to you and seek forgiveness but it is up to you if you are willing to give it another chance.

    1. One can never tell where violence will go during these critical times. The world is corrupt, so are individual people. Corruption is then taken into the homes as stress and irritabilities. Our world, it’s people and families need to commit to God! And, no woman, man, nor child should succumb to physical or mental abuses.

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