Domestic Violence, A Shared Story of Challenge



The following is one story about spousal abuse. It is written as a fictional reality to give our readers, who may be victims, themselves, an objective point-of-view.

There’s A Problem With My Husband Stan!

Stan and I have been married for 19 years. And we have two beautiful twin teenage children, a boy and a girl, Reed and Reece. Both are good students and will be graduating in one year. Their graduating and going off to college will leave me alone and vulnerable to the temper tantrums of my husband Stan.

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I work a nine to five job while mothering my two children, cooking cleaning and caring for my husband. Does he ever hit me? No, but he really flies off the handle. For instance: I overslept a couple of mornings leaving Stan without coffee and breakfast. Stan screamed, yelled, threw things all around and breaking them. Our neighbors were disturbed and called the police. Here is another occasion: due to an emetgency meeting at my job, I was late coming home to prepare Stan’s dinner. As a result, Stan deliberately caused the stove and refrigerator to be inoperable. It cost us a good sum of money to have both the stove and the refrigrrator repaired.

So… you all are wondering – “Why don’t you leave that mad man”? My response: I just may do that, AND SOON!

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99 thoughts on “Domestic Violence, A Shared Story of Challenge

  1. What an insightful post that resonated with myself as I’ve recently wrote about my own experiences as a domestic abuse survivor. Thank you for your contribution to this topic.

    1. You are welcome. Please do share your writings and/or book. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a blessed weekend and season, Cecile.🎼💗☕️☕️🍃

  2. My first husband was abusive and once almost killed me. that was many many years ago. it took me 9 years to shed the my my fears of been alone with a 7 years old little girl . one night he dragged me naked from our bedroom to my daughter’s bedroom and called me names I thank God she did not wake up. This is my true example of spouse abuse, one of was worse for many other women but I had my share of fear and pain.

    1. How insane for anyone to endure such! It is so very important for past and present abuses to speak out because there are so many suffering within this same quandary. I have heard of a man pouring liquid disinfectant down his wife’s reproductive orifice. I beg that anyone who is in an abusive situation to flee. Run for your life and don’t look back. The situation will not improve and the abuse will not stop. This person does not love you.

      1. I did finally let go after that incident I told him I would call the cops and resent away and when 2 weeks later he begged me to take him back I said no. It was very hard this divorce for my little girl that still suffers…

      2. Letting go is hard to do emotionally. The difficulty of letting go reveals that we are creatures of habit and conditionings who are need one another and each other. The world is a scary place and no one wants to be alone. But we have to escape chaos to gain clarity and only then will freedom allow for more changes and opportunities. Today with the drug pandemic and stress, there are so many human monsters in marriss as he’s, families, governments snd all kinds of relationships. Sad! Everybody needs to be praying. May God bless and heal you and your daughter from that trauma.

      3. Thank you God is good and He is bringing my daughter closer to Him trough mire pain about his recent death. He abandoned her so my girl was never in his life. She was shocked when we found out he died in July. She was his little girl until our divorce then he refused to be part of her life. A very bad man indeed.

      4. Because your situation is a happening to many families and marriages, we have to know and understand that Satan is the culprit in all evil. What can we do to make God in Christ a bigger part of our marriages, child rearing and other relationships?

      5. Pray and trust in the lord as we find s way out. I was not a Christian until the age of 42 way after my divorce. God has protect that me and the last 25 years I have been married to a good man.thank you for the comments. I know serve at my church in a group called hope where women talk about everything they site going trough including. Co dependence.

      6. Child of God you have triumphed. But we are never delivered by our own doings. Deliverance comes from God so let’s always give Him the Glory and thanking Him!☕️☕️🙏🌺🌺

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