Toasting Your Mornings

10 Toast Toppings to Jazz up Your Morning

Got toast? Then you have the makings of a healthy breakfast when you prepare these 10 toast toppings to jazz up your morning.

You’ve heard it for years: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And research suggests there’s truth to that. People who eat a morning meal consume fewer calories over the course of the day. In one study of people who maintained a 30-pound weight loss for more than one year, nearly 80% said they ate breakfast every day and 90% said they ate it at least five days each week [1].

These toast toppings make it easy to enjoy a healthy breakfast that supports long-term weight loss and nourishes the body with nutrients. From protein-rich egg toppings to comforting cinnamon toppings, you can plan on these recipes to satisfy your appetite and your taste buds.

1. Egg and Tomato Feta Toast

When you want toast toppings high in protein, this recipe fits the bill perfectly. It includes protein-rich egg as well as creamy feta cheese crumbles.

2. Crispy Cinnamon Toast

Perfect for a hungry gang, this recipe’s topped with a mix of vanilla, coconut sugar, and cinnamon.

3. Protein Egg & Tomato on Toast

This breakfast combines complex carbs and protein for the ideal morning fuel-up.

4. Peanut Butter and Fresh Raspberries on Toast

Start your day the sweet way with this naturally sweetened toast treat full of antioxidants.

5. Avocado Breakfast Toast

Load up your morning with healthy fats that help fight belly bulge with this simple recipe that’s spiced up with crushed red pepper flakes

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