Chantal and Mike are a truly dynamic duo, one with a dream of starting a boutique coffee shop and the other with a zeal for eco-tiny house building. When these unique passions were combined to create Le Bon cafe, a wonderful and rare work of functional art was the result.

We first met Le Bon Cafe at the Tiny House Street Festival in Pink Hill, North Carolina where they were getting a huge amount of attention. At night, their stunningly crafted cafe lights up and becomes an alluring sight. Later we travelled to their hometown of Asheville, NC to find out more about the cafe and it’s construction as well as Mike’s tiny house company, Rolling Roots.

Impressively, the tiny coffee shop was actually created using about 75% recycled materials. The sustainability story of the tiny house is incredibly important to both Chantal and Mike, who are avid environmental activists and who aside from running a cafe and tiny house building company are also behind the Bolivian Amazon Land Trust Alliance. Naturally, all the produce from the cafe is sustainably sourced and organic wherever possible. Le Bon offers discounts on coffee to people who bring their own re-usable cups and the cafe is even towed around using a truck which runs on used vegetable oil.

Although the cafe is based in Asheville, it frequently travels to events outside of the area. One of the major benefits to owning a business on wheels is that it can easily be moved to where the people are and Le Bon can always find itself in the heart of the action. There’s no question that the design of the shop turns some heads wherever it goes.

Inside the tiny house is the workings of a fully functional cafe. The layout is well designed to allow for service on both sides of the cafe and fast efficient workflow inside.

Mike and Chantal are an inspiring couple and together are doing some incredible things in the world, from saving the rain forrest and it’s creatures, to building tiny houses and making sure people have a very good cup of coffee.



    1. And a perfect place for me with a few friends when the Coronavirus ends, How are you? Hope you are keeping well and safe., dear friend!💕☕️☕️

      1. That sounds like a plan! Thank you. We’re not stir crazy just yet and Berlin seems to be the only place in Germany where rules are a bit less strict. We’re allowed to sit in parks for example (which is really the only thing to do cause everything else is closed … ) Are you holding up well?

        1. Glad that you asked bekitschig. A lot of my colleagues feel pretty challenged by the world’s upset, but prayer an encouragement is the blood that run through our veins. It’s wonderful to know how Germany is holding up. I am wondering if 2020 will be consumed by COVID-19?

          1. Yeah, that’s probably it for 2020. Not to be pessimistic, many of us won’t work till god knows when and there’s the second wave and corona babies … we’ll be dealing with this for a long, long time.

          2. With the fires, we’ll see about Tschernobyl soon. It kinda started with the fires in South America and Australia, Brexit, Mexit … it just DOES NOT STOP and that orange man will not help the normal people. If this was a movie it might be worth watching, this is kinda not

    1. What a comfort find! Hope that your friend visits soon. I understand that many of the little coffee house here will be set up in Brazil and who knows where else. I suppose it is the venturesome mind of globalization🤔

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