Wake Up Routines – Before Heading Out To Work!


Tina McCorkindale · President/CEO, Institute for PR
I wake up between 5:00-5:15am every morning. I immediately grab my phone and read the news/check social media for 15-30 minutes. Even though I work from home, I put on yoga pants, a hoodie, and I brush my hair. While I’m on the West Coast, I work with people on the East Coast, so I often have early-morning calls.

Since I prepare my coffee machine (with ten cups of decaf coffee) the night before, it starts brewing at 5:00am. I pour my coffee in an obscenely large travel mug (twenty-four ounces) and a coffee carafe, so I don’t have to keep refilling after each cup. I let Waffles the dog outside and get to work.

Sam Crawford · Blogger, The Man Blueprint
I wake up anywhere between 5:00-7:00am. I have all the good intentions of getting up at 5:00am (and have written about this extensively), but sometimes, mostly during the winter, I find it hard to stick to the routine.

For this reason, I usually push my alarm back to 7:00am, which is early enough for me to get everything I need done but late enough that I feel like I’ve had a nice sleep in.

I’ll then down a pint of water. If you’re not getting that top-notch H2O in you from the off, you’re not doing it right. A big glass of cold water straight after getting up will wake you up quicker than anything else.

I then do an in-bed stretching routine I found on The Art of Manliness a few years ago. After that, I bend down to touch my toes for five deep breaths and then reach up to the ceiling for another five breaths. I follow that up with twenty resistance band shoulder dislocations. These sound painful but they’re really not. They’re such a great tool for keeping your shoulders healthy. I’ve been working out for about seven years now and haven’t had a single shoulder injury since I started doing them.

I then do the Wim Hof Method. It’s all about breathing (can you see a theme throughout my mornings yet?) and can help with immunity, fitness, anxiety, and a whole host of other modern-day ailments, apparently.

After that, I get dressed and head out for a forty-five-minute walk with a weighted vest on (I’ll skip this if I’m short on time). Weighted vests are a great way to make your walk an even more effective cardio workout without your even noticing. Because the weight is pretty evenly distributed, you barely notice a difference in difficulty while getting the added bonus over your standard walks. It can weigh up to 30kg (~66lbs), but I usually go with 10kg (~22lbs) so I’m not nearly dying halfway through.

Also, getting dressed signals that I need to stop being a big layabout and triggers me to take action. The simple act of getting out of my cute little jim jams makes me want to kickstart the day with a bang, which helps me to take action a lot easier.

When I return home, I inhale some essential oils diluted in a bowl of boiling water. This is like my own personal face sauna. I put a few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl, pour a load of boiling water into it, and cover my head and the bowl with a towel. Then I take about twenty deep breaths and get the good stuff flowing through my sinuses. I feel like this really wakes me up and relaxes me at the same time. It’s novel and I like it.

I then take an ice bath. This clears the cobwebs off just in case everything else fails. I try to do about fifty deep breaths while in there, which helps me to not freak out at the cold. The rush I feel when I get out is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Jean Chatzky · Financial Editor, The Today Show
I get up between 5:00-7:00am, depending upon whether I’m working early on television or have a deadline. When I have a deadline, I find that the early-morning hours (before emails start to roll in) are my most effective writing hours.

When I’m in the process of writing a book, the 5:00am wake-up time can go on for months. It’s something I learned from my mother, who received her master’s degree in educational psychology when my brothers and I were in grade and middle school. She would get her work done before anyone in the house was awake. So, I get up. I let the dog out, make the coffee, let the dog back in, feed him, and then sit down at my computer and type. After two hours, I try to exercise, which usually means heading out for a run or hopping on my Peloton.

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